I began my work as a digital artist when I took a few computer classes (Photoshop, Illustrator. QuarkXpress, Pagemaker) in the fall of 1995. It was not until the next spring that I was able to get my own computer and really start learning and creating. And from there on in I'm pretty much self taught. I took a few art classes in college, but never had a lot of success with traditional media. I had to wait for computer technology to be where it is now to find a medium where I could truly express my talents. (And in the meantime I was busy expressing my creativity as a music teacher, but that's another story.)

My inspiration comes from lots of sources, and ultimately from the Universe, the "all that is" that we are all a part of. Sometimes I see something someone else has done and take the kernel of the idea and let it change and grow in whatever way it wants to.

Sometimes I have a vague idea of an image I'd like to create, and I go from there and let it grow. Generally, I feel that there is an energy, another dimensional "beingness", if you will, that wants to be expressed through me and be given a form in this dimension. Sometimes it guides me very specifically as to what form to create and other times it just develops organically over time. At its best my work is a wonderful form of channeling and I feel so honored to be able to do it.

Most of my images start in Corel Bryce and move into Adobe Photoshop for special effects, filtering and compositing. I also use Poser and Infini-D, as well as, occasionally, Adobe Illustrator.

I am constantly delighted to watch as my art expands into new areas, such things as magazine and book covers, cd's, videos, greeting cards, screen savers, mugs--whatever the Universe brings. I'd like to serve others in the New Age/Spiritual Growth/Holistic Healing world--help support their work with my art either online or in print. Although I don't want to limit myself to just this market. One of the first things that happened when I put my first gallery online was that I was contacted by a software firm (they create custom software for the medical industry) who wanted to buy the rights to one of my pictures to use on a brochure. They felt it embodied the energy of their business and the direction they wanted it to go. It was a very New Age looking image with crystals and such, not the sort of thing I would expect the business world to embrace, but you just never know.

Creating this artwork is an ecstatic experience for me, and I hope that I can use it to help others manifest their dreams as well.

Atmara currently lives in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire were she is constantly inspired by the beauty around her.

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