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GodConsciousness.com originated out of a series of personal dreams and inner inspirations that continues to bear fruit and enjoy embodiment in this site.  The plan for the site is to provide a home for persons looking for meaningful intellectual content with a sensitivity to spirituality.  We hope to continue integrating virtual landscapes for spiritual exploration through music, visionary art, and mystically informed literature.  GodConsciousness.com plans to continue this vision into the future as a medium for the interchange between technology, science, and spirituality.  

The original concept began to blossom in the Wilmington, North Carolina public library with the registration of the GodConsciousness.com domain name.  Shortly after New Year's Eve 2000 and the world-wide exhilaration of making it into the 21st century and past Y2K, GodConsciousness.com came into existence.  

The site takes form as we bring together the work of artists, philosophers, poets, musicians, and web technicians who are aware of the presence of God in existence and possess a desire to reflect the grandeur of Reality.  

Out of dedication and appreciation to all forms of religion and philosophy, GodConsciousness.com hopes to further the global dialogue and integration of complementary worldviews infusing business, politics, creative expression, and scholarly research into all areas of inquiry.  This informing integral philosophy is inspired by the great poet, mystic, yogi, politician, and philosopher Sri Aurobindo.  

As a tribute to Aurobindo's efforts to unite East and West philosophically, politically, and religiously; GodConsciousness.com decided to reflect the Indian heritage of this master and his love of the Upanishadic literature of the ancient Vedas.  The Aum symbol represents the universality of all forms of religious expression and direct experience with God- so, this became our guiding light in our endeavors as an organization of friends, family, and members of the global community.  

In February of 2000, GodConsciousness.com was officially registered with the U.S. government in San Francisco, CA.  Ironically, Bill Gates was launching Windows 2000 right next to city hall.  While GodConsciousness.com was being logged into the history books, Microsoft was holding a conference on e-business and the future of technology- the timing was synchronistically magical.

Changes of business plan, site layout, and content is a perpetual issue as we attempt to integrate new technologies.  We seem to change our look daily and no one seems to know where things are going next, but somehow, the universe allows this work to continue as we follow what we truly love and enjoy.  Most of the early development of the site occurred in the SOMA district of San Francisco- otherwise known as Multimedia Gulch. Today, GodConsciousness.com is the work of individuals from all over the world.

There are so many people, institutions, and global realities to thank in this process, but some of the original contributions were offered by artists Rassouli, Glenn R. Terry, and Cat McAdams- wherever the site goes from here, their art and inspiration will never be lost or forgotten.  

As we carry our visions into the future, GodConsciousness.com hopes to be a global community of minds, hearts and spiritual aspirants interacting in cyberspace and beyond. 


To all who have contributed

Thank You!

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