I was born in Metairie Louisiana (Right next to New Orleans) and have lived here my entire life since that day in 1975. My orthodox schooling was pretty much average -- didn't really pay much attention or take interest in what they taught. (Which turned out to be for the better -- less bullshit for me to unlearn later.) Rather than spend my time with the masses, I tended to stay within smaller subculture groups. Never much for "socializing." Never attended a school dance or prom. Just couldn't pretend to care for such things.

"Another Night in the French Quarters"

My lack of interest in school curriculum was made up for as I began to study (with my trademark obsessive compulsive tunnel vision) I use to this day in my studies and art. (Perhaps this is the curse of a left handed Scorpio [JK] As it became apparent pretty early that I was not like the majority of other people I became very interested what made others do/act the way they did. I began to study psychology and even psychiatry. Though I loved much of the information I was getting, something never sat right with a good bit of it to get me started doing more research. I found Hubbards work, and psychiatry bashing nice and comical, but his alternative never seemed right. Enter Dr. Leary, Grof, Huxley... I had come across a large book (At school go figure) which showed unbiased reports and articles on the use of psychedelics in psychotherapy. This began a long lived research on the topic which has always been of very great interest to me.

"Many Worlds"

I was married just after finishing high school (the year escapes me 94 or 95ish - I've never paid very much attention or been able to remember dates - I am divorced now and have one daughter from the marriage. It was during this time that I tried the cookie cutter variety life of the cattle. I really tried, and thankfully failed miserably. I couldn't stand it. Was going out of my mind trying to be something I was not. Was given massive amounts of Prozac and Serzone to no help. Thank mammon I ended up with no insurance.
I'd never even consider touching an antidepressant again. Though it was a learning experience.

"Sefer Yetzirah"

During my marriage I was not encouraged by my spouse to create as came naturally. I couldn't bring my self to the delusion that I could be content painting more simple "conservative" type drawings/paintings.Though, I would have a break out at times. It was a starving feeling ... time warp. After my divorce I pretty much just climbed into a bottle (Rx). At this time I started reading a lot of Crowley's work. After being programmed like many others as an x-tian, this was a great part of healing. I had already had years under my belt in the study of metaphysics/(Q)Kabbalah/Magick..... but I had never really been able to dive head first into Crowley, who I had always had a hunger to experience.

"Marriage of Two Sacraments"

Being at what most would call (and I would agree) very low point in my life I did just so. Not that I had at this point already freed myself from the chains of my tribes horrible fiend of a deity. I worked my job and studied like a monk. About a year later I was hit by the suicide of a close friend. (Which was shortly followed by the suicides of an old friend from high school and a coworker (all unrelated). Then, an accidental death of a former coworker. Trauma city. Most of this time is blacked out. I really can't even recall the exact details of anything taking place around the time I crossed the Abyss. I do know that I was not wasting anytime. I have always taken the Great Work very serious. I had placed the pictures which were finished in a binder. Each was protected by plastic sheaths. I remember I had to cut some around the edges to get them to fit. It was my portfolio/Ark. I would place all my work in it. Not having a studio I would, as I still do some times, draw in cafes. I go in, get a green tea or coffee and just start scribing. The more crowded the better. Not that I like the socialization, but I absorb the stimulus around me like a vampire.

"Fade Away"

What do I hope to do with my art? I want to assault the senses. I want the image like a sigil to evoke/invoke for the observer those
emotions/ideas/demons/devil(s)/angels/god(s) the picture was influenced by in creation. Of course I don't refer to these being defacto - but as representations. It seems most are shocked by the images. Some either really like or hate them. Dogmatic repressive people seem to be my biggest fans... LOL, but seriously - Love or Hate the images, they are not soon forgotten.

When I'm not at a cafe being bombarded by their external stimuli, i'm at a house, apartment (I have been pretty much floating these past few months) I like to have at least music on. To show the range my mind spans while in the zone, I will listen in one drawing session which can last from on average an hour through 8ish some pretty diverse music. Example - today I spent about 6 or so hours inking. The list of audio goes a little something like - Bob Marley followed by Rudimentary Peni, Easy E (Eric Write), Primus, Levert, Nirvana, Beetles, Custom DJ made Rave tracks, Pink Floyd, (These are not what I listen to alr l the time when drawing - hardly, rather this is just an example of how diverse and fast my mind goes when in this mode). There is an "energy" in "art" in all of its manifestations.


My work is often labeled "Outsider" or "Visionary" right now. I don't mind either though I have yet to see similarity with others
under the same headings. In a way, I consider myself more a scribe. My pictures use symbology/heiroglyphics. Look at the images - you will notice the use of various images which re-occur through several pictures. Would be funny to be called an "Outsider Looking in Artist" :) Or as I was once told as a friend looked up from my binder "This is like Where's Waldo on Acid" I must admit I like that one - but I'm sure i'd be faced with on hell of a lawsuit by the guy who does those things.

The bell, this ropund is over - i'm on the ropes.

Want even more? Take me further baby!


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