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Book II God Consciousness by Dr. S pdf file

Video Feed of Ray Kurzweil- author of The Age of Spiritual Machines dsl 56K

Planetary Consciousness: Our Next Evolutionary Step by Ervin Laszlo pdf file


The Pure Silence

Visions for a Safer World - an online multimedia dialogue after Sept.11 by

CyberFaith: How Americans Pursue Religion Online by Pew Research

Teaching of the Moment featuring Peter Russell Excellent Web Application!

See also Recent Interview with Peter Russell at Edge News NEW!

Free Expression After September 11th- An Online Index by National Coalition Against Censorship

Contemplative Wisdom in Troubled Times by Superb!

God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule from

God and the Brain: New Research Contrary to Claims Can Bolster Faith editorial

Be sure to check out the recent edition of Newsweek magazine entitled God & the Brain
see audio file interview & Sharon Begley's article entitled Religion and the Brain

Scientist Says Mind Continues After Brain Dies by Sarah Tippit

FEED Magazine My Favorite Lobe including article by Erik Davis entitled:
This Is Your Brain on Buddha

Interview with Ken Wilber by Jordan Gruber

Review of Mind States II Conference by Lawrence Hagerty


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