Submissions is looking for writers, musicians, lecturers, film producers and visionary artists who are dedicated to work that is spiritually informed. By offering works by artists and organizations we have personal contact with, is able to cater to any individual artistic needs.

This site is a collective endeavor and future projects are greatly enhanced by mutual participation.

All materials submitted to are subject to review in order to maintain quality standards and to ensure that work submitted is in accord with our primary mission of creating virtual spaces for the expansion of consciousness.  Authors, artists, and musicians are permitted to freely publish their works in any other medium, site, or publication and maintain all rights to their work.

One of the most unique features of is the shared intention and mutual sharing that is taking place. While in many cases artists maintain personal web sites, is a platform and arena for artists of like-mind to come together. Such integration helps to facilitate a dynamic experience for spiritual aspirants. Bringing together the diverse talents of participants creates a springboard for spiritual exploration and the expansion of consciousness unparalleled on the web. Weaving together the creations of musicians, writers, artists, and speakers is at the heart of exhibiting some of the vast potentials of multimedia. An alchemy of consciousness ensues between our inspired sources and the depth of communication begins to emerge. hopes to be a continually emerging and developing exposition of creativity that activates centers of the heart, brain, mind, and soul. Such a mission is certainly optimistic, but perhaps by coming together doing what we truly love, we can integrally effectuate an evolution and enhancement of consciousness as never seen before in the history of humankind.

Comments by Current Participants

"WOW - Thank you, the flash thing looks GREAT. Really nice. I like it a lot. I must admit my computer skills are somewhat limited, and you're website is pretty much the first time I've seen them -- at least ones good enough to notice." Andrew Mariano

"Wow! I am speechless! That was so amazing and inspiring and very thoughtful. All I can think about and feel right now is that I am glad that there are balanced, passion filled, and loving people as yourself in this dimension." Antonio Roybal

"Although my work is showcased in several digital and "surreal" art galleries, and other spiritual sites, having my work at is a blessing, as it is probably one of the few "perfect" places for my work." John Vega

"Thank you, Psi ... it looks great, I am honored, humbled and really excited!" Jimmy Bursenos

"A friend just informed me that he submitted and you have accepted my art for your God Consciousness site. I just want to say I am very grateful to be there and in the company of like-minded souls seeking a deeper awareness of Eternal Realities. Your universal approach is truly an archetype of future ages. As you say, 'May love be our way.'" Jonathan Wiltshire

"Hello GC...I am truly honoured to be featured along side such talented artists. Thank you for making my day..." Myztico


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