Ayurveda, literally, "the science of life," is the ancient Indian art and science of healing and rejuvenation through the use of natural herbs, roots and minerals. It is said that over 3000 years ago, Nature revealed the curative and therapeutic properties of each tree, plant, herb, root and flower to a great sage, Dhanwantari as he sat in deep meditation in the midst of a forest. Ancient Rishis and sages continued to learn of the beneficial link between the vegetable, mineral and human worlds, and discovered that bodily health comes from cultivating a harmonious balance of Nature's three subtle energies, or doshas: vata, pitta and kapha, which are present in all life and matter. The doshas have certain qualities or attributes which characterize their effects on the human body. The individual remains healthy as long as these elements are in a state of equilibrium. But if this equilibrium is disturbed beyond a point, the body succumbs to disease and decay.

Ayurveda treats the whole person, not just the disease, and emphasizes disease prevention rather than the cure of symptoms.

Rejuvenating Hand/Body Lotion

Auromere Ayurvedic Hand & Body Lotion combines the deep-penetrating, nourishing properties of Sesame oil, the premiere Ayurvedic oil for skin care, along with the moisturizing, soothing and rejuvenative action of Almond oil and Castor oil. These cold-pressed oils are then infused with 13 Ayurvedic herbal extracts traditionally prescribed for skin preservation, conditioning and muscle tone, and blended together in a gentle, hydrating lotion base. Leaves skin extraordinarily soft, smooth and hydrated. Especially beneficial for dry, aging, delicate and problem skin. For all skin types: Vata-Pitta-Kapha.

8 ounce bottles



Ayurvedic Massage Oil

25 Ayurvedic herbs and botanical extracts recommended for skin and muscle-toning have been selected and blended into a pure cold-pressed sesame oil base according to age-old methods using special clay fire places and pure copper vessels. Highly recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners, massage therapists, body workers, hatha yoga instructors and students for all types of general and special massage.

Sesame Oil, Asparagus racemosus, Sweet Flag (extract), Round Zedory, Desmodium gangeticum (extract), Indian Beech, Castor Oil, Solanum xanthocarpum, Indian Nightshade, Uraria lagopoids, Sweet Flag (crushed), Deodar Pine, Spreading Hogweed, Fennel, Sandalwood Oil, Eaglewood, Yellow Lichen, Indian Valerian, Costus, Cardamom, Musk Root, Desmodium gangeticum (crushed), Country Mallow, Winter Cherry, Vanda roxburghii, Rock Salt.

4 ounce bottles

32 ounce bottles (bulk size)

Ayurvedic Body Care

soaps, toothpastes, mud bath


Books on Ayurveda & Holistic Health

Alchemy and Metallic Medicines in Ayurveda by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash (247 pages) hardbound $27.00

The Ayurveda Encyclopedia by Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha (Oversize 669 pages) paperback $34.95

Ayurveda for Healthy Living by T. L. Devaraj (110 pages) paperback $5.95

Ayurveda: Life, Health & Longevity by Robert Svoboda (332 pages) paperback $13.00

Ayurveda: The Science of Life by Dr. Vasant Lad (6 audio cassettes) $59.95

Ayurveda: Science of Traditional Indian Medicine by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash & Suhasini (84 pages) hardbound $24.00

Ayurvedic Cures for Common Diseases by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash (200 pages) paperback $7.95

Ayurvedic Meteria Medica by H.V. Savnur (330 pages) hardbound $32.00


Basic Asanas by Pranah Kumar Bhattacharya (15 pages) $2.00

Child Health Care in Ayurveda by Abhimanyu Kumar (337 Pages) hardbound $32.00

Dhanwantari by Harish Johari (273 pages) paperback $15.95

Everybody's Guide to Ayurvedic Medicine by J.F. Dastur (412 pages) paperback $19.50

Flowers and Their Messages by The Mother (308 pages) paperback $14.95

Flowers and Their Spiritual Significance by The Mother (96 pages) paperback $4.95

Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Medicine by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash (246 pages) hardbound $18.00

Gheranda Samhita translated by Vasu (59 pages) hardbound $6.00

Handbook of Ayurveda by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash (221 pages) paperback $9.95

Peace and stillness are the great remedy for disease. When we can bring peace in our cells, we are cured

-The Mother

A Handbook of Natural Beauty by Dr. H.K. Bakhru (129 pages) paperback $5.95

Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Light on Hatha Yoga by Swami Muktibodhananda (641 pages) paperback $19.95

Health, Food and Healing in Yoga by The Mother (Bible-paper travel size edition 300 pages) $4.95

Herbal Remedies: A Handbook of Folk Medicines by Dr. Girija Khanna (157 pages) paperback $4.95

Holy Basil Tulsi by Yash Rai (131 pages) paperback $3.95

Indian Materia Medica (2 volume set) by Dr. K.M. Nadkarni (2286 pages) hardbound $95.00

Integral Health by Dr. Soumitra Basu (147 pages) paperback $7.50

Macer's Virtue of Herbs: A Classical Herbal Treatise translated by Daniel Patrick O'Hanlon (125 pages) hardbound $10.00

Massage Therapy in Ayurveda by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash (192 pages) hardbound $22.00

Materia Medica of Ayurveda by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash (780 pages) hardbound $42.00

Materia Medica of Tibetan Medicine by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash (694 pages) hardbound $75.00

Mind and Vision by Dr. R.S. Agarwal (272 pages) paperback $4.95

Miracles of Neem Tree by K.G.S. Verma (72 pages) paperback $3.00

Nadi Vijnana (Ancient Pulse Science) by Dr. Sarvadeva Upadhyaya (255 pages) hardbound $12.00

Nature Cure for Common Diseases by Vithaldas Modi (197 pages) paperback $5.95

Panchakarma Therapy in Ayurveda by Diwakar Ojha & Ashok Kumar (219 pages) paperback $16.95

Pre-Natal Education by Sri Aurobindo Society (47 pages) paperback $3.95

Pure Vegetarian Indian Cookery by Pritam Uberoi (123 pages) paperback $7.95

Secrets of Indian Medicine by Dr. R.S. Agarwal (240 pages) paperback $4.95

Teach Yourself to Combat Fear & Stress by Kalu Sarkar (54 pages) paperback $5.95

Tibetan Medicine: Theory and Practice by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash (131 pages) hardbound $18.00

Whispers of Nature compiled by Vijay (87 pages) paperback $2.50

Yoga for Children
by Swati and Rajiv Chanchani (Oversize 175 pages) paperback $16.95

Yoga of Perfect Sight by Dr. R.S. Agarwal (223 pages) paperback $4.95

Art by Rassouli

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