Artist Statement

Ms. Baldwins' work is based on her special technique which she calls "Light from Within": From Opaque form to translucency; from ordinary or earthly color to color in luminosity (what she terms "Prismatic Fire"'); to discovering and showing the soul, the light, and life within the outer form or appearance of all living creatures.


Ms. Baldwin is now 89 yrs. old and has had a remarkable career. A graduate of the Portland School of Fine Arts. She continued her studies in drawing, painting, and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy, the Beatrice Fenton Sculpture School, New York National Academy, the John Ettl School of Sculpture, also at other venues throughout the U.S. and abroad (Rome, Paris, London, Florence). For more than 25 yrs. she owned and operated the Baldwin Studios in New York City before moving back to New England in the 1960's. Some of her clients during those years included such people as: Barbara Stanwyck, Lucille Ball, Robert Taylor, Greer Garson, Bing Crosby, and former President Nixon.

Ms. Baldwin has spent many years in Metaphysical study and practice, including both Eastern & Western philosophy and religion. She believes this is another small step along the path of evolution toward a more universal understanding and consciousness-a new sound of beauty and harmony from the planet, rising like a song, back to its Creator.


Purchasing Prints

Premium Quality Giclee Prints on Canvas

Universal Returning Christ, 2' x 3', Limited Edition of 2000, Individually Numbered, $595/each

Animal Soul, 30" x 33", Limited Edition of 2000, Individually Numbered, $595/each

War Child, 16" x 20", Limited Edition of 2000, Individually Numbered, $325/each

Vision, 16" x 20", Limited Edition of 2000, Individually Numbered, $325/each


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