I am glad you took the time to discover me.   When I am not out playing soccer, enjoying nature, reading Alexandre Dumas, or composing music, you will most likely find me in my studio.  This is where the fun really begins. Feel free to contact me if you want your project or idea to become one of the exciting works occurring in my studio.




Growing up in Chicago gave me a deep appreciation of public art. As a current resident of the Twin Cities, I see my role as an artist to be a vessel through which, by my meditations on the Divine and my self-mastery of technique, I am able to bring forth works that express the profound beauty, purity, love and joy of the sacred realm of spirit and of that spirit expressing itself through humanity and nature.

The training and background I bring to each project is formidable and has given me the skills, tools and confidence to work with the highest of standards in a very broad range. Over the last fifteen years this has included architectural design and construction management, bronze and marble sculpture, fountains, wood carving, oil and watercolor portraiture and landscapes, etching and mural painting. 




I hope that continuing patronage and opportunities will enable me to create more large scale works that will be enjoyed by many, as a counterweight to the negative messages in much of what passes for popular culture today. We need to be reminded that as a culture, we don't have to self-destruct. We can choose instead to nourish the divine seed within us and let it blossom and flower into expressions of truth and beauty which are the foundations of a golden age. I believe that art best serves the forward progress of its age when it recognizes and pays tribute to the highest thoughts, feelings, and ideas of which all are capable, which is why I acknowledge those aspects in the work that I do.

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