Incense Burners

Handcrafted out of Genuine teakwood, rosewood and brass by skilled artisans, these elegant incense holders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.


Teakwood Round cone-shape        $1.50


Teakwood Indian Button        $2.50


Teakwood Long Ashcatcher        $3.00


Teakwood Indian Flower        $3.50


Teakwood OM Symbol        $4.50


Teakwood Ashcatcher Dish        $4.50


Teakwood Mother's Symbol        $5.50

Rosewood Mother's Symbol (with brass inlay)        $6.00


Rosewood OM Symbol (with brass inlay)            $6.00


Rosewood Sri Aurobindo's Symbol (with brass inlay)        $7.00


Brass Incense Cone Burner        $2.75

 Brass Incense Stick Burner        $2.75


Brass Stick & Cone Burner

 Brass Gheelamp & Cone Burner        $4.50

Wicks for Gheelamp (pkt. of 50)          $1.50


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