'May love be our way'

"You are the guardians of God's light...

You are the Talisman

You were born of the rays of God's majesty." -Rumi


Specializing in mystical texts from around the world, music to open the portals of the soul, entheogens,
meditation aids
, and visionary art.

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Welcoming Visionary Artists John Vega & Robin Urton

"Goddess III"
by John Vega

and two new essays entitled:

Neuroscience, Hominisation, and the Proliferation of Cultures in the Context of Spiritual Evolution by psilo

The 'Superman' in Aurobindo & Nietzsche by lars

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GodConsciousness.com seeks the integration of financial, environmental, and social resources for the benefit of humankind, the earth, and the evolution of consciousness.

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Silence Is All

Silence is all, say the sages.
Silence watches the work of the ages;
In the book of Silence the cosmic Scribe has written his cosmic pages;
Silence is all, say the sages.

What then of the word, O speaker?
What then of the thought, O thinker?
Thought is the wine of the soul and the word is the beaker;
Life is the banquet-table--the soul of the sage is the drinker.

What of the wine, O mortal?
I am drunk with the wine as I sit at Wisdom's portal,
Waiting for the Light beyond thought and the Word immortal.
Long I sit in vain at Wisdom's portal.

How shalt thou know the Word when it comes, O seeker?
How shalt thou know the Light when it breaks, O witness?
I shall hear the voice of the God within me and grow wiser and meeker;
I shall be the tree that takes in the light as its food, I shall drink its nectar of sweetness.

by Sri Aurobindo


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