Lady Serina

Sorrow of an Angel

Where hath the hunger for happiness go,
For no answer followeth my darkened woe-
So long as I breathe I hear an enormous crash,
of an angel whose weakened sorrow will violently lash-
The tides are turning as night greets the moon,
To the rebeling heart her hunger swoon-
No time for thought,
No thought to care;
No cause untold beyond a dare-
The impression of these impunent liars,
Endeth a massecure and NO SURVIVORS!


A Soul's Flower

The step beyond the wreched lies underneath the bridge,
Where all the lost creatures hide and cringe-
The flowers that grow live next to a tree,
Where if you pick one in peace, your soul roams free-
To wander around, dance and sing,
Once more, until death, you can truly ring-
This land is by an ocean that tides the sea,
While the flowers grow every Spring times three-
May ye be guided to the fortune untold,
The flowers of true life bloom low and behold!


Falling Universe

The more that I keep on trying,
The harder I live through pain undying-
My soul at rest, but still it calls,
To the light of it's universe that slowly falls-
Could something ever save this hurt,
from growing intensely and kicking me in the dirt-
For once I'd like to feel the warm, gentle breeze,
For this I'd crawl and beg on my knees-
I want to escape from dispersing my anger,
For this they'd say,"she's crazy, lets hang her."
May all pay for what they did to me,
And may justice reign, then let me be!


Our Sacred Vow

Oh, my beloved darling,
I walk with your hand in mine;
As we sit beside the sunset,
drinking sweet, red wine;
We rule the world together,
just for one night;
As we rock each other in the boat,
underneath the moonlight;
I vow for no end,
to our love destined be;
We unite our everlasting honor,
for you will now love me;
And forever be our vows,
Sacred to cherish and keep;
For the wind carries us in the sky,
As you sing and rock me to sleep.


A Visit to the Path

I walk down the stairs as the strong wind hits my face,
to near the dark corners and caves of disgrace-
Awaiting a train, I sit on the ground,
and look at whatever happens to be around-
In boredom, I whistle a tune I can't keep,
as they all walk by, their cell phones beep-
awaiting for the train
I feel less restrain
I take the phone from the bitch's hand,
smash it on the ground as I planned!


Clove Cigarette

The sweet lick of a clove on my lips,
As I inhale, my lungs begin to drip-
The mucas more potent I swallow in my throat,
begins me to heeve as my spit lands so remote-
No breath of wind be a break,
as I crave more and begin to awake-
The rays of the sun so bright,
begin to seep through my window as the end of the night-
I want love,
I want happiness;
I want my vividest dream to be endless-
As worlds begins to collide,
I want to be your bride-
No matter how diverse and sad are we,
I still love in my heart for the world to see.


I Walk These Streets

Every chance I get, I walk the city streets,
As trashy as they can be I feel great release-
Away from my home and my boring town,
I venture further; walking all around-
No drama or hurt from here enters me,
As I read the paper in a coffee shop and just simply be-
In my own world of imagination, I venture in my mind,
For where Iím sitting now couldnít be more kind-
Alone at last, Iíve found my way,
In this humble abode I wish to stay-
As I keep venturing from street to Ave.,
The smile I wear on my face tells me what I could have-
The gusts of wind embrace my every move,
Feeling more than welcome my heart suddenly swoons-
A part of me this colorful place has become,
My heart constantly pounding louder than a drum-
Happiness and peace shower all over me,
As I keep walking along, I feel no aches in my feet-


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