At Home in An Expanding Universe

Visual Music using Orchestral, Natural and Universal Sounds

Speaking of music, advances in technology enable me to use multi-tracking to create the kind of music I like to listen to while I work.  I actually listen to a lot of Mahler, Liszt and Irish folk music, but needing something personal as well, I recorded a CD called AT HOME IN AN EXPANDING UNIVERSE. I call this visual music because it encourages visualization and inspiration.  Just the thing for an artist!  There is 54 minutes of music in a variety of expressions, but I especially like the 19 minute piece called "Tone Poem No. 1: A Journey of Twin Flames".  I have played this hundreds of times without getting tired of it!  How's that for an unbiased opinion?

"The beauty of nature and the nature of sound can bathe the soul with healing energy.  When arranged and perceived with intelligence and love, the soul journeys to heights of awareness that expand the reservoir of inspiration.  Such is the purpose of this visual music."


Track Titles

1.  Prelude:  The Call Compels the Answer (1:48) mp3

2.  Heart: Listen (4:05)

3.  Tone Poem No. 1:  A Journey of Twin Flames (18:54) mp3

4.  Survey the Sea (3:46)

5.  Paths of Solitude (6:34)

6.  Amazonia's Forest (5:51)
I.  Foundations  II.  New Growth

7.  Tone Poem No. 2:  Angel Soul in Fire and Ice (7:14)

8.  Pastoral-Seed/Flowering/Harvest (3:51)

9.  Reprise:  Union of Hearts Theme (1:34)
(from Tone Poem No. 1)

CD $19.95

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