THE BOOK OF NO-THING: The Story of How No-Thing Became Everything

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The “Book of No-Thing” is a misnomer. It is actually the “Book of Everything”. Or it depicts the evolution of No-Thing into Every-Thing. It is an interesting text that is simultaneously a philosophical discourse and a mythological journey. It shows how the universe begins again and again, always a creative work in progress, always with surprise twists and turns. Throughout this particular universal manifestation, we get into the Story of Evolution from the point of view of the various inhabitants within it. Mutation is not an accident; rather, it is a quite deliberate alteration of the Universal Artist that is directing this Show. Each leap in the process of evolution is an alteration in consciousness. It is an opportunity to re-live all the stages we went through to get to where we are now – as well as a preview of what we could be.


Introduction: Zero=Infinity

No-Thing = Every-Thing.

No-One = All That Is.

This is the Book of No-Thing and how No-Thing became transformed into Every-Thing. It is beyond words, yet it is utterly concrete. To describe the wordless in words - so antinomic an undertaking! Yet paradox is often the best way to describe it.

This Book is by No-body. No-body writes these words. They simply happen of their own accord. There is no purpose to it and yet it is guided by a Supreme Purpose of its own.

This is the Book of Evolution. Evolution is how No-Thing becomes transformed into Every-thing. Evolution is how No-Consciousness becomes transformed into All-Consciousness.

There is no reason for it and yet it had to happen.

Imagine a single grain of sand on the shores of an ocean stretching infinitely towards the horizon. Pick up this single grain of sand and hold it to the light of the sun. Imagine the colorful patterns that dance through this single crystal, blinding you with their light.

This single grain of sand shares its origin with all the stars, all the galaxies that shine forth in their splendor in the deepest night, all the infinite numbers of molecules, atoms, electrons, quarks in the entire universe.

When you have cleared your mind of all identifications, all thoughts, all emotions, and all sensations, there remains a profound emptiness. There is nobody there. You notice that this emptiness is not really "empty" at all. Instead, there remains pure consciousness, which is a profound fullness. This pure consciousness is existent and latent in everyone and everything that surrounds you. The ultimate consciousness in you is the same ultimate consciousness in me and it is the same ultimate consciousness in everyone. It is in the tree extending its roots into the bowels of the earth. It is in the flower opening its petals in the warm air of spring. It is in the dog eagerly seeking a mate. It is in the mountain responding to the folding of the earth's crust. It is in the clouds ever-forming into lifelike patterns carried by the endless winds high above. It is pure existence, glad and free. It is in the sheer darkness of the hidden spaces.

It is the meaning of our existence. It is all around and within all that exists. All we had to do was simply notice it. All we had to do is realize that is what we were all along.

Basic tendencies of evolution:

1. Increasing differentiation.

2. Increasing complexity.

3. Increasing individuation.

4. Increasing mobility.

5. Increasing intelligence.

6. Increasing creativity.

7. Increasing consciousness.

There is no "final product" from all this. It has gone on and goes on forever and ever.

In the beginning without beginning, there is No-Thing. No-Thing is with Void. Void sent No-Thing out into the Universe to become Every-thing.

The Cosmic Mind mentated, "I AM" - and the Universe manifested, an extension of Its Being.

The universe makes itself up as it goes along. No one laid down the laws (physical, biological, social); the laws were made up in the process. The "laws" become rigidified after awhile and all beings obey them - until some being comes along to break them and create new laws. Then the process recycles all over again.

More evolved beings are capable of breaking and transcending the laws rigidified by less evolved beings. Some examples: Biological beings are anti-entropic and thus are able to transcend the second law of thermodynamics that all systems must run down that inorganic matter follows. By such acts as walking, swimming, or flying, they are able to transcend the law of gravity. More evolved biological beings can create their own environments to survive in.

Super sentient beings are able to make use of more subtle energies and thus transcend laws humans are stuck in.

Everything has a Pattern. The Pattern makes itself up as it goes along. Things follow the Pattern until It goes through a transformation, and then there is a New Pattern. This is true of forms and archetypes, ways of behaving, and physical laws. The Pattern is ever-changing, ever-evolving.

So where did the Original Pattern come from? This is the Supreme Mystery. The Original Pattern is the Seed Crystal that set the whole universe into being.

This Book makes itself up as it goes along. There is no outline or chronology to this Book because it is beyond time (a subject we will come back to occasionally). It is a series of fragments of present, past, and future. Some of the fragments are philosophical, some are mythological, and others are literary. A parallel story of the struggle between Order and Chaos will be interspersed throughout it.

This Story of Evolution presents to a degree what is known about the scientific ideas and evidence. However, this Book will not be particularly concerned so much with the outward form of evolution, but more about what was going on inside the process while it was happening.

Some of this will be described in anthropomorphic terms, please be aware that is only to make it more comprehensible to ourselves as evolved primates and our present level of consciousness. This is not at all the way it actually is in the minds of the creatures and forms evolving - who often have quite an alien perspective to our own. It is difficult to convey what is going on in the mind of a rock without actually being a rock. For that matter, it is not always easy to comprehend what it is like to be another person unless you are that person.

It is important to be aware that such beings as rocks, crystals, atoms, quarks, stars, galaxies, plants, insects, and the such are not just dumb "things" with no consciousness blindly following physical or biological laws. They are just as valid beings having their own problems and struggles as we humans are. Most importantly of all, Every-thing is alive.

It is important to note that the definition of the word “being” in this book is any kind of conglomeration that stands out on its own and has its own will to be on its own level. Thus a rock or a star or a human or a tree or an atom is a “being”. Though there are more evolved and less evolved beings, all beings are of intrinsically equal value and are reflections of the more all-permeating BEING of this infinite universe.

About the Author

More than anything else, John-Forrest Bamberger is a dedicated independent mystic and creative artist. He has studied a number of mystical schools from around the world and from various ages; however, he discerns what is of use to his current development. He has a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina and a M.A. in Psychology of Creativity from Norwich University in Vermont, where he has avidly studied how the process of creativity works. He has written a number of books, primarily about mysticism in one form or the other. He has also spent a number of years composing electronic music on a computer. One of his hobbies is making surreal alterations of nature photos. He currently lives in New England, and loves to spend a lot of time hiking to mountaintops and communing with nature. Every day, he engages in meditative practice and uses the creative process as a spiritual practice.

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