poet praise:
a first movement

†††††††††††† bnashid fareed


a book of devotional poetry

by nashid fareed







I remember the eve when the realization dawned on me: that as a young writer who has developed by the means of spiritual growth, and trusted the guidance of spirits and forces immaterial (over the educational institutions of humanity) to guide my maturity as a writer; that which such being the path upon which I became the writer that I have become, I had yet to yield a work of my writing as a form of gratitude.That although my approach to god and spirituality differs much from the society I was placed within, there is still a very strong acknowledgment of god in my life; and a strong acknowledgment that my development as a writer and thinker is a fruit of a seed sowed, nurtured, and harvested by god.That as a willing and obedient servant and follower of the path laid before me, I benefit from godís will put into action as manifested in the form of my life...


Thus is the fruit of the seed which bears the fruit now in your hands: a book of poetry offered in complete gratitude for all that I have and will become as a writer.And what better form of writing than poetry to express in praise my gratitude to god.


As written from my personal point of appreciation, much in this book is made in reference to my relationship with god.But even for those who live their faith without a construct of god, within these pages lay many blessings and lessons.For those without faith, I pray this book be an open invitation demonstrating the true power of pure faith; an invitation which if accepted by you, will encourage you to discover the reality of your faith as devoted to that which awaits the development of your own faith.


And lastly, as this is a gift to god, who has no need for gifts and is ever-sharing of that which is received, feel free to shape this gift as it need be shaped to help you further the depth and development of your faith.These words are not my words, but words manifested through me -- and do not doubt when I say, that if these words did not come through me another soul would have surely bore their delivery.


Peace and blessings to you as you receive this gift to and from god.And to the wise, the fullness of this bookís understanding lies in the retrospective reflection of its entirety read (and perhaps re-read)...



September 2000






to my parents


that they may now understand

some of the ways of my youth

if they havenít already...




it is not sufficient

to merely seek what is good

but to always walk the road of living

what is better





each word of praise

will always lead unto another

for such is the all-encompassing unity of god

and such should be the all-encompassing unity of godís servants

a feat made possible

through serving god in the consciousness of god

within this there is no separation among the true believers

although we tread different roads

in the consciousness of god

we arrive and are in the same place

(in god)

and in god lies the convergence of all the roads of the true believers

so there let us rejoice in the magnificence of god

as my road has brought me to your road

and your road has brought you to mine

and in that place beyond the illusion sight of this world

we are one

in service and celebration

of god

all glory to god





o god

chosen master of my life

how i proclaim my gratitude

that you have drawn me closer

in fuller fulfillment

of living as a servant of your will

calling me and guiding me

to live my every action

every breath in this body (and beyond)

as a conscious servant of your will

shaping my eyes to see as you deem i should see

molding my ears to hear as you want me to hear

breaking my heart to feel as you command i feel

overcoming the resistance of my mind and body

to completely align these under the reign of my spirit (soul)

and how my spirit (soul) breathes through the reign of your will

you are my master

and forever will i remain your servant in devout service


fortunate have i been

by the grace of your will

to never be without faith

nurtured in unconditional strength

and very much in understanding of what true seekers seek to know

but even within the much i was

have i realized there remains within the now

more that i could be

to be even more in line with the eternity of your divine presence

and to be part of the manifestation of that presence in this world

as one devoted wholly to serving you

as a true servant

should i not seek the fuller being of my service to you

my reward is my service and all that you grant to me

as a devout and true servant of you

and i have found no greater reward than my service

and as i grow further in transcendence

immense is my will to serve thee more

not as a joy

but as a being contented and honored

to be given the opportunity to serve you

my deemed greatness is in truth

your greatness become through my service

my humility my awareness that all things are only made possible in you

and through you

and by you

and also in this awareness is the realization of the illusion of this world

a great illusion based upon a portion of truth

i will live in this truth as guided by you

i will fulfill the purpose of this life

given as an opportunity to transcend to a place of greater truth

the truth of your kingdom

where you are the sole sovereign over beings who honor you as supreme

an honor based in action and service of devotion

these are my eternal brothers and sisters

with whom i share these words of praise

it is their community i seek

in this world and beyond





my life is a study of love

in how i live my love for god

(say love and praise)

in how i live in the love of god

(say love in praise)

in how i share love from god with others

i pray to make my love one in nature with godís love

to nurture and manifest kindness and compassion for all

to be loving without limits

to love beyond conditions

although surely my love is better received by those who live godís service

and where love is better received, the more abundantly it manifests

just as the love of god more abundantly manifests

in the hearts and souls and service of godís true servants

to love without expectations

for with god the act of love is sufficient unto itself

to love without fear

for godís love is always assured of its victory

to love without doubt

for in godís love is the certainty of eternal life

to love without favor

for godís love is offered to all

as well as the opportunity to manifest its abundance

and how great is such abundance

to love freely and sincerely

to love respectfully and responsibly

to not impose my love upon another

to love in honor, to offer my love as a gift and a benefit

to love in the purity of godís quality

manifesting godís love and offering the manifestations of such to others

such is part of the beauty of love

and it is that beauty that i live


everywhere i look, i see god

god within the illusion of this world

god transcending the limits of this world

god in any thing and every thing that was is and shall be

god in its infinite qualities of the infinity god is

from never to forever, from within to between to beyond

from that unseen to that beyond my sight

there is no range of possibilities that can define the possibilities of god

all is possible with and in god, and by godís will is all defined


when i meditate on the greatness that you are (o god)

i am unable to conceive of how my service and devotion is worthy

of your love

surely by no merit of its own but only by your grace to receive it

is my service and devotion made worthy of your love

and if no other reason could suffice, no other reason would i need

to continue to serve you than the grace of your love given freely to all

and by the grace of this gift shall i maintain my vigilance

to manifest my service as your will as you would have me do

and to keep the beauty of your presence always in the forefront

of my life

as the beginning, existence, and end of all my thoughts and actions

and being


all glory to god





let my every breath be made with the whisper

or proclamation

of my complete surrender to god

of my unconditional love for god

of my gratitude to god

of my unceasing faith in god

of my humility to god

of my devotion to god

of my contentedness with god

of my persevering service to god

of my glory to god

of my peace in god

of my life with god

of my consciousness in god

of my wisdom with god

in this way am i never separate from you

although this form i now possess would infer such

but your truth is transcending for the devout seeker

and made manifest by the willing servant of you

(o god)


i thank you for being my truest friend

so true that no other could be my friend

lest their friendship is made through you

i thank you for being my love

the source of my love which seeks to return to you

and how i have learned that no other can i love or be loved by

unless that love be made manifest through you

i thank you for being my guide

only through you can i decipher discover and manifest the truth

i thank you for being my nurturer

and how magnificent has such nurturance made me to be

a servant of your will, a shadow of your greatness

a shadow cast by your light to shine your omnipotence

in a world where many have forgotten you

i thank you for being the granter of my life

a gift sacrificed and surrendered to you

i thank you for being the granter of my free will

which i freely yield to you to be one in quality with your will

i thank you for being the granter of my consciousness

that i may always and forever will my consciousness to be conscious

of you

i thank you for the opportunity to choose you

indeed, the greatest choice i have ever made has been to choose

my surrender to you

and to choose to always love you

and to choose to always be your servant

and to choose to always be conscious of you

in every being action thought and meditation

to choose to always manifest your will as you wish

to choose to always be devoted to you (o god)

never will i forsake your grace

never will i return to any lesser manifestation of my service to you

never will i return to any lesser remembrance of you (in living my life)

never will i return to my forgetfulness of you

in you through you and by you will i always be your servant

always and in all ways

always and in all ways


and in

all ways





what god hath brought together

let no human separate

what god hath brought to be

let no human interfere

unless called by god to engage such

and god will make you certain of such a call

of which not the slightest of doubt can be inferred

of if it is godís will

otherwise your mandate is the openness of mind

to accept godís will as god would have it be manifest

even to the disgruntlement of your mind, heart, or ego

a disgruntlement easily bore or absent

when living within the consciousness of god

but if such consciousness is not yours to bear

then bear tolerance

for that is closer to godliness

and if not tolerance

then find your focus elsewhere

such as a focus on god and the invulnerability of godís will


many are the distractions in this temporal world of illusion

especially for those who have not attained a level of transcendence

and much in this world would have you be distracted

from the remembrance of god

and the service such remembrance yearns to be

but a gift and a blessing has god ensured to be available

for those who seek

a bounty of scriptures and laws to serve as a guide

as a guide to fulfill the becoming of your transcendence

where there (in transcendence) one transcends the need for a guide

where life becomes one within and beyond the guide of the scriptures

as god is within and beyond the scriptures

for god will not be limited to a guide designed for human upliftment

when god is encompassing of more (of all)

thereby godís will and the manifestation of such will not be limited

to a guide

to a scripture

to oneís limited understanding or confusion

for in ways plain and mysterious does god work

for in ways plain and mysterious do godís servants work

wherefore i say again

what god hath brought together

let no human separate

what god hath brought to be

let no human interfere

unless called by god to engage such

and god will make you certain of such a call

if it is godís will





of all the things that were

and will not be

of all the things that are

and are not being

of all the things that will be

that we canít see

of all the things that could

but would not be

of all the things that are within the all of all

i have found in you

a truth and a blessing

i have found in you

all truths and blessings

because within you are

the truth and the blessing

and who would

after once granted

the beauty of the truth and the blessing

who would ever turn away

from such a bounty

for where else in this world

or elsewhere

can a bounty be found

like that of godís bounty

only a fool would turn away

from such

but fools have been known

to prove their foolishness

and surely the wise would turn

toward such (a bounty)

to walk whatever path

lies awaiting to be manifested

by oneís soul

and by godís grace

exists the opportunity

to discover your path

and fulfill your path

if you so choose

and by godís grace

may you tread the length of your path

a path that may only be tread

by you

if you so choose

for lo, behold

the ending place of such a path

and the path itself

when it is sincerely embraced

for in quality

the path and its end are one

with the blessing

with the truth


live in the grace of life

(godís grace)





when in prayer with those

of a different manner of prayer than mine

i hold to a silence in my heart

a silence that breathes as an invitation

that if their prayer is love and sincerity and right with god

may their prayer echo in my heart

may my soul share their devotion of worship

and the love and sincerity of their words and actions and intent

may these echo in my heart

for which i hold the silence

a silence inviting to become an echo


but if their prayer is without love and sincerity

and without that which is right with god

then may the silence in my heart remain

to echo its silence in the midst of their prayer

for within that silence may i pray for them

that their way of prayer become

a prayer embodying love and sincerity

a prayer in body with what is right with god

a prayer i make within devotion

of the silence of my heart

and worship of my soul





faith is personal

faith is intimate

it is a matter between solely you and god

in how you believe and trust

in god

so believe and trust, so you may know

for if you meet the measure

of true sincerity

of complete trusting

of total surrender

and serve

and love

to know

then know

that god does provide for the true servants

but godís provision may be beyond our understanding

for god knows best

even when we know not

and for every step that we have made in our forgetfulness (of god)

must steps be made to fulfill the remembrance (of god)

and god will lead us to the purity of being

although the process of such may be hard (at times)

but even the difficulty of godís service

is made easier in remembering god and calling on god

and believing in god

and trusting in god

and loving god

and continuing to surrender to god

for the victory of god is absolute

and god has promised to share this victory with the true (servants)

so lose everything

if every thing is to be lost

and then open your heart and your eyes

to realize what remains

what is absolute

what is was and will in all ways be

(i call to god)

for then the question is no longer one

of how to deal with this joy or pain,

or peace or despair,

or ease or struggle

rather the call becomes

how to manifest that

which is absolute

within and without you

for in the manifestation of that which is absolute

is the manifestation of godís will to serve and be served

is the manifestation of your faith (and its fruits)

a matter of manifestation that lies between god and you





of all the wisdom of this world of things

what truth is nobler than

the truth of god

the absolute truth

that has been true

continues to be true (now)

will always be true

in all ways

no matter how grand or small the experience

such truth encounters

no matter the scale of schemes

the appearance of this worldís reality

the truth of god exists as true

always and in all ways

and exists as truth available to us all

it is only we (humanity as a collective)

who forget god

who forget godís truth

who forget godís love

and in our forgetfulness do we give reign

to the limits of our understanding

instead of remembering god

and living within godís understanding of all

and how simple the task

to remain within godís understanding of all

to merely surrender to god


and live the whole of our lives as a surrender

a surrender ever-continuously made

with every passing second, in every available way

for such surrender bears the understanding of all

the rightful beginning and ending and continuum of all our actions

the rightful response to any challenge

the rightful consciousness of our remembrance of god

for if we pursue such surrender

in the quality of godís absolute truth

as a surrender that has been made

continues to be made (now)

will always be made

in all ways

never will we forget god

(or be forgotten by god)

never will we be restrained to the limits of our understanding

rather will we be empowered by god who is without limits

to live a life that is right in the quality of god

and all the great qualities of god

as one of godís servants





i am

a delicate flower in the hand of the master

blossoming by the touch

anointed by the breath

sated by the sight

(which manifests as a light from the eye)


only a flower in the greatness of all that is


i am grateful

for the blessings of the nurturance granted to me

i know my life would not be without you

i know my life will not be sustained without you

you are my reminder in my strength

my comfort in my weakness

and the guide that moves me between these states

i share my (in)scent in my giving

and shed my petals in my withering

for all the beauty and grace i am is a manifestation

of you

and although some moments are hard

everything is made easier

with you


everything is easy

through you

when i live the reminder of my complete surrender

to you


in times of hardship

i am often reminded of a questioning psalm of david

ďwhat is man that you are mindful of him?Ē

for what is this humanity that you are mindful of us

when so many of us have strayed

from the greatness of the intention you created us with

when we are, in fact, the cause of most of our (humanityís) troubles

when the hardship of one is so often a consequence

of an action (intentional or not) committed by another human

or oneís self

and how often such consequence becomes a cause

of yet another action which may inflict pain

and such a cycle often continues for many generations of actions

all human-created and human-continued

although you offer your true servants refuge from such pain

i have yet to be completely removed from such pains

although the pain of the wounds are surely less painful in your comfort

i am still wounded in a world where i create no wounds

and merely accept the wounds in tribute to the mercy you grant to me

which i seek to share with the world

(as your example has taught me

by the love and compassion you shed upon humanity)

and even within this world where we humans are aware

of the cycles of hurt and pain we garner

and collectively are aware that our lives are not in line with your will

that such forgetfulness and neglect further the ways of the pain

(in this world)


your will encompasses life absolute and true happiness everlasting


we, as a collective, remain removed from your will


you as the truth, the love, the all-powerful

remain ever-caring and mindful of us


although at times, in my limited understanding,

i donít understand why you allow such to continue to exist

i know, through my faith and my belief

that the perfectness of your plan will be made evident


that which presently exceeds the limits of my understanding

will prove itself to be worthy of my acceptance

(so i should accept now)

even if its manifestation is not made plain to my eyes

even if its manifestation is not made to be before my eyes

it is through such that you present to me an opportunity

to make my faith stronger

and fuller, and more complete in you

although, at times, my weakness seeks a place to breed

when and where my strength is struggling

you have assured the believers that assured victory lies with you

along this path of spiritual sincerity and being

that upon the moments of struggle along this path of spiritual peace

is the beauty of your love received if we remember you

just as you have always remembered us

just as you have always remembered me

and upon this path, such remembrance lives as a discipline and an art

to be mastered

as an art (beauty)


as a discipline (love)

by the sincerely devout servant

who is willing to learn





and what is it to submit to god

in essence

it is to yield my actions and every being to god

to the fulfillment of godís will and godís mission

living with god as the ultimate authority

(of me, over me, within me)

(and may nothing interfere with such authority)


and what is it to surrender to god

in essence

it is to give up claim of what appears to be

it is to give up claim of what appears to be me

and to give up claim of what has been manifested as me

and to give that wholly and completely to god as godís

as belonging to god, being a possession of god,

being in possession of god

(if you understand the metaphor)


and what is it to serve god

in essence

it is to surrender and submit to god

and to submit and surrender to god

over and over again, and continuously and always

and always and continuously, and over and over again

in all ways and ways that all may be

and to be all in the ways and ways in the all

fulfilling in true measure the work of god

fulfilling in true measure the work that god has deemed

and discovering and living the life of a holy servant

and living and discovering the life of a sacred servant

and mastering the service of a servant who is a master

and a master of service, and a student, and more

and such is better with faith, if faith you have matured

and such is better with devotion, if devotion you have learned

and such is better with love, if such has been manifested with you

and such is better with sincerity, if sincerity abounds you

and such is better done willingly and completely

and such is better done without want for rewards or praise

and such is better done in humility and true compassion

but if it is not better done, then it is better that it at least be done





for those who are true

hold to god

in all that you do

(and donít do)

for life in this world is one masked by illusion

where much that appears only seems

for things are only ďrealĒ in the moments they are manifest

and for each thing created

there will be a point where it no longer exists

and for each thing possessed

there will be a point where it no longer is


and things with fading realities

and things with limited realities

are always subject to the reign of what is absolute

and by the love and great tolerance of god

are these things allowed to seem as more important

than god

(imagine that

if youíre not already living it...)


for those who are true

hold to god

in all that you do

(and donít do)

for life in this world is one masked by illusion

where much that appears only seems

and this world takes great joy in appearing as it seems

a thing destined to eventual destruction

which welcomes your destruction along with it

if you will be destroyed

for what of your life remains whole

when not living within the spirit

when not living within godís love (for you)

when not living within the wondrous service (of god)

what of your life remains whole in this realm of illusion

which is not whole,

with many parts of it revealing its mask

for those who have the courage

to look within the holes of its mask

(do you have the courage)

for this life is merely an intermediary

(not a beginning, nor an end in itself)

an intermediary to a life of transcendence

or to a reality of transcendence not become

as this is what life is

a gift of breath exhaled as the soul of every being

the wholeness of life lies with this intention

if this intention is pursued and fulfilled (in you)

and the intentions of god are wills that reign absolute

that surely will not be succumbed by an illusion

that surely will not be overcome by an illusion

although it may seem so


for those who are true

hold to god

in all that you do

(and donít do)

for this life in this world is one masked by illusion

where much that appears only seems

and in our holding to god

and in our surrendering to god

there is no thing that can reign itself over us

but, oh, these human beings

how apt to forgetfulness we have become

and in our forgetfulness we forget to hold and surrender to god

and thus become separated from god

and separate from the protection god willingly offers

where now things (mere things) can reign upon us

and this world of illusion will spare no expense

in seeking its reign over you

and thus seeking your destruction

no matter how wonderfully masked such destruction may be

for those things that may seem in your favor

your family and friends, your spouse, your lover

your child, your pet, your job, your home, your community

your mind, your own heart, your wishes dreams and desires

your ego self, your giving self, your selfish self in whatever way inclined

your teacher, your advisor, your scripture misinterpreted or not fully understood

your conception of god worshiped in the place of god

as god will only be

your every benefit joy and lasting pleasure

your every misery, pain and distress

your every claim to life, your every avoidance of death

your every portion of wisdom and knowledge, fear and courage, ignorance and foolishness

your every experience of life in this world in which you are separate

from god

your every experience of life in this world in which you think

(or believe)

your life is life

in which you think you are you whether as heart, body, mind, or spirit

for those who are true

hold to god

in all that you do

(and donít do)

for this life in this world is one masked by illusion

where much that appears only seems

but truth is

even within a world of illusion

and god is truth

therefore hold to god

and surrender to god

and be not separate from god

always remember god in all ways and always

that the truth may be manifest

in you and through you

and whatever we must do to remember god

let us do

call godís names

make our prayers

make our meditations

serve god in action and inaction

shape our minds, bodies and hearts (as we possess them to be)

to always be in conscious remembrance of god

who is absolute

who is love

who is truth

whose qualities are infinite and abounding

who through mercy

shared the naming of some of these qualities for our benefit

that we may call on them in calling on god

that we may be shaped as them in being shaped by god

that we may remember them in remembering god

and hold to them and hold to god

(if you understand the metaphor of holding

if you understand the metaphor of what this poem is)





we could write millions upon millions of poems

in pursuit of offering infinite praise

but none of that (whether in whole or in part)

will equate to the ultimate praise

of complete and sincere surrender to you (god)

for in such surrender is where the truth of the matter lies

in personal, complete, and sincere surrender

(to god)


i am

so grateful you have chosen me

guided me and nurtured me

protected me and strengthened me

and afforded me things not readily afforded to others

although others are surely capable of attaining them

and although granted so much through your love and mercy and care

you still made it a choice of my free will

of whether to serve you or not

that you made it still my choice to choose to serve

after having granted me wisdom and understanding more than most

after having bestowed upon me reserved blessings

after having groomed my being in the truer realities of living

that through your love and mercy and care

you have granted me portents of the sacred and wise and truly able

in addition to the every-second miracle of life so many take for granted

you made it still a choice for me to choose to serve you

not a required mandate

oh, how loving of you to entrust me with such treasures

in faith and love

and through your example am i furthered inspired to serve you

in love and faith

not that i could ever earn the blessings you have given me

for such blessings are so great and beyond the scope of worth or earning

and not that i could ever do anything to harm or strengthen you

for what is absolute will always be what is as it is

beyond the measurements of time or metaphors of eternity

or whatever other concepts we would seek to paint the shadows of your realities as

but by the bounty of your blessings received

am i furthered inspired to serve you ever-more wholly

and ever-more completely

to be the surrender of surrender

transcending the waves of its manifestations to be the essence

of surrender

and pure

so that all that i am is only as you would have me be

so that all that i am is only as you would have me be

that i see only as you would have me see

that i hear only as you would have me hear

that i smell only as you would have me smell

that i feel only as you would have me feel

that i taste only as you would have me taste

that i know only as you would have me know

that i learn only as you would have me learn

that i understand only as you would have me understand

that i believe only as you would have me believe

that i trust only as you would have me trust

that i act only as you would have me act

that i enact only what you would have me enact

that i live only as you would have me live

that i grow only as you would have me grow

that i serve only as you would have me serve

that i love only as you would have me love

that i surrender only as you would have me surrender

that i remember only as you would have me remember

for what is any of this worth

if not done as you would have me do these


i am

inspired by your great example

guided by your great teachings

for you are the best of masters

and i am a willing servant

it is through your grace that these words come through me

not from me

that they are made to be right and true and pure

and worthy of your audience

that i may have a means of worship

by which to praise and praise and praise you again

in this life of surrender and submission (to you)

the benefits of words sincere directed to you

but only benefitting me, as you are beyond benefits

and by the benefits of such

is my soul furthered nurtured and content

and reminded and strengthened and encouraged

to serve and surrender

in joy and struggle and sacrifice

in your love and mercy and guidance

so that i who am (i am)

may be only as you would have me be





and it was said to me

speak of the hearing and the understanding

for many are they who hear righteous words

words immense in their holy and sacred worth

for the lessons they bear

and although heard with open hearts and sincere audience

they are often not understood

so as to become fulfilled in their living

whereby they hear but do not understand

whereas it would have been better to understand, even if not hearing

for it is the love of this world

that prevents the whole and true love for god

the love for finite illusion which prevents the love of the absolute

and whyfor should the whole and true love of god be compromised

because of a love of this world

whether manifested as a love for money

and material things

and material comfort

and bodily things

and bodily comfort

and mental things

and mental comfort

and selfish things

and selfish comfort

and communal things

and communal comfort

things by which we seek to identify our ďselfĒ as being

or which support the validity of such identities being

(but even lies can be validated)

whyfor should the whole and true love of god be compromised

for a love for things of this world

things that begin and end in this world

even if you would have such love clothed by a veil of ďrighteousnessĒ

a love of things is a love of things

and god is not a thing

and the love that you have for things

does not translate into the language of love needed to love god

wholly and truly and completely

the words of righteousness guide to a love that is absolute

a love which is the language of godís love

you must speak that language to truly understand these words

a language which is beyond the love of this world

a language which is learned by sincerity, faith, service, and surrender

a language which you must learn to speak on your own

(by grace)

for otherwise the righteous words will not be understood

although there may be some benefit in the misunderstood application

of such

and although the benefits of such may manifest things in this world

the true benefits of righteousness are immaterial

the true benefits of righteousness exist within the realm absolute

which is nearer than far, but farther than near

which is in the hearing of the understanding,

and the understanding of the hearing

for in truth, the simplicity of truth is always simple

although humanity would make processes out of simplicity

but the understanding, in understanding, fulfills the simplicity as simple

and in such fulfillment lies the mastery of life

for the master and willing student who understands

(stands under)






o god

let me, by your grace

learn and understand your language of love

a language absolute of a love absolute

which is spoken within words

and without words

and beyond words

for what limits could be placed upon the language of your love

for what limits could we even imagine to be placed upon your love

though many have tried to proclaim such limits, the truth will be proclaimed beyond their lies

that the language of your love (godís love) is in all

if we only learn the language of your love

we would realize how your love is in all

at times, not manifested

at times, ignored

at times, covered or unseen by our eyes

at times, as splendid mystery

but at other times, it shines with the magnificence of that which is holy

refusing to be denied that which it is

the language of godís love, an expression of godís love

and in such language there is no comparison

for all that is absolute love is love absolute

beyond the measure of quantity or quality or measure

for absolute love is love absolute

in whatever form it may or may not take

it is what it is as it is, and will only be that which it is

and its beauty is one beauty

and its power is one power

for only those blind to its beauty and power

would seek to have it compared to that which it is not

and in such comparison is an inclination toward favoritism

but god shows no favorites in the language of godís love

as the language of godís love is in all


if we would only learn and understand and live

the language of your love (o god)

perhaps then this world would be one with beauty

and one with power

but if the world and humanity would not be

then may i seek to be

(even if alone)

one with the language of your love





dear god

you are the clarity

beholding the all power

to make what you wish clear

to even the blind and confused

to imprint upon our consciousness

in a way that cannot be forgotten

that which you wish to be shown

whereby no excuse will suffice

to say we were not warned

if we choose to disobey

or be neglectful


and it was said to me

proclaim the truth

(let the truth claim through me)

because so many are living lies

even many who claim to be true believers

and fellow servants (of god)

for they still pursue things

within the illusionary cloak of righteousness

when god would have the true servants

deliver our service without want or expectation of reward

that no thing

no matter how ďgreatĒ in this world

can be a worthy reward for true service to god

that no thing

no matter how ďgreatĒ it is deemed

can be worth what it is to be a true servant of god


but humans

in our forgetfulness, and arrogance, and stupidity

have assigned the worth of things a place

within our conception of service to god

within our conception of belief in god

within our conception of faith for god

but truth proclaims

the worth of things has no place with god

has no place with

true service

true belief

and true faith

for god is the source of all and is the all of all

and how can any thing or set of things have any worth

when compared to the absolute reality of god

of what god is

the creator, the sustainer, the mercy, the love, and the sincerity

(and more!!!)

that this world of things is not even a means to the reality of god

and in godís eyes, is nothing more than a weak illusion

wherefore the bounty of this world of things is a bounty available to all


to the forgetful, the neglectful, ignoring, and destructive

as well as those who remember and serve god

but for those of us who truly seek god

and truly seek to serve god

we must discover our reality beyond this world of things

we must discover the being which casts the reflection

of our worldly form

for in the discovery and nurturance of such being

exists the means to the end of god

and in the mastery of discovering and nurturing the being

that casts the reflection

lies the ability to shape the reflection

and this world of things is manifested in the reflection

which is only a consequence of a lesser consequence of the will of god

and why should we seek that which lies in the lesser

when the greatest of all greatness abounds

why should we seek rewards when god is

who is willing to love and serve those who serve and love

for that is god

and nothing else but god can exist

within godís light, shadow, reflection, and darkness


so i speak truth when it says

that the days of a new covenant are upon us

a covenant always existent but only forgotten by humans

but in its renewed remembrance may it be called new

for the sake of being explained in ways humans may understand

so truth be spoken in human terms

that a new covenant is upon us

and by the grace and mercy and ever-enduring love of god

will god ensure that messages of godís love and will be made known

that messages calling for the remembrance of godís will be proclaimed

that humanity may be reminded of

the opportunity to bask in the service and glory of such remembrance

(of god)

that by the grace and mercy and ever-enduring love of god

will come clear messages in the simplicity of truth absolute

to defeat the misconstrued confusions professed to be holy truth

an opportunity of liberation for those who have been fooled

or have never known the truth of godís will for humanity

or never fully or completely pursued it

(an invitation)

that by the grace and mercy and ever-enduring love of god

will we be reminded of how to be ever closer to god

to be one with god in quality

to be one within god in this form

to transcend the illusions and reflections of this world

to become absolute through god

for scripture was written to be a teaching and an inspiration and a reminder

and to deliver a law to help us shape our being that we may transcend

beyond the limitations of a reflection made

beyond the limitations of a thing reflected

to transcend to the glories and beauties and love and truth

that is one

that is god

and such is the true service

and the true belief

and the true faith

which is the only surrender that is

which is surrender in truth

which is surrender in and to god

and within and beyond the portent of life that is

and is conceived in this world

lies the true purpose and being of life

which lies awaiting in you

and there is nothing new in anything which becomes absolute

for in it old is new and new is old and always is when absolute

and these words are merely a portion of that which is

and was and will always be

as timeless

as godís love is





i take refuge in the sanctuary of my prayers and meditations

and make my prayers in solitude

since a community of true is so rare in being

and my prayers for my being i prefer to be made only among the true

even if alone

for hollow words among hollow assemblies

only echo the sounds of words which find no home

which find no place to take root and grow

to become a fruit in the living of life

(in the living of their lives)

and among such people still remain the ways of the world

and dynamics of the illusion

which bear the struggles of fantasies, and miseries of pain

only cloaked in the staged presentation of a religious performance

or the imitation of truth

or a confused profession of spirit

or all of these or some of these combined

whereas amongst a community of true

their shared prayer is as the summoning of a living water

in which the immersion of any seed of faith

immediately bears fruit from such waters

ready for the harvest of our lives

that we may take such fruit and live such fruit in the living of our lives

and it is there where the marriage of prayer and community

or meditation and community

or faith and community

or all of these or some of these combined

bear a blessed union and the beauties that such union shall be

among a community of true


but truth be told such a community is rare

for humans have become apt to prefer

the practice of illusion and appearance in the light of othersí eyes

to suppress the presence of oneís spirit and relation of truth

to better conform and be part of a gathering of humans

and take such joy in the gathering

and mistake such gathering for union

but what is gathered can be dispersed and is only a collection of forms

and any thing gained through such is subject to be lost

if not eventually destroyed

for such things are not things that can (truly) be

only appear and seem

and is not lasting beyond memory

(which will also fade)

such is the eventual fate of what is gathered

but union warrants a transformation of beings

where what one is becomes and is shaped by another

where what one is shapes and becomes another

where what one was no longer is because in union it is new

or where what one is further becomes what is always new

and no separation in form can separate what the essence entwines

and no destruction in form can destroy what the essence always is

for union is everlasting which truth shall bear

but like all things of truth in a world preoccupied with illusion

it is rare

and it is through the grace of union that a community becomes

a community of true

and it is through the blessings of union that a community becomes

a community of true

where all that is said is true

all that is happiness and love is in union

and all that is pain is not misery or fantasies unfulfilled

but the breaking of oneís limited form

for the becoming of a greater capacity to be

where such community exists, let the true seekers be

for with fellow seekers of truth is where true seekers should be

but where such community is not, let the true seekers leave

for there is little or no gain for truth amongst illusion

and where no community is, let the true seekers create

for there lies an opportunity to serve, a means to call the seekers of truth

but where no community will be, then let the true seekers find


for it is better to be alone in truth,

than to compromise the blessings of truth being

truth nurtures truth

truth transforms not what is not true

truth only transforms truth

to become a purer state of true

the untrue must come to their own realization

that they lack truth and that they truly want truth

but most will not seek such realization

for such is how humanity has evolved to be

and for the seekers of truth to bear the burdens of untruth

is an immense burden to bear

and often not worth the bearing

except for the chosen few of greater sacrifice

but rather

your greater beauty lies in your manifestation of the truth

and your ever-increasing embrace and evolution of seeds of faith

into fruit emersed from the living waters

and such living waters are found in the community of true

even if such a community is a community only composed of you

even if such a community is a community only composed of you

are such living waters found in the community of true


(but you are not alone...)





and it was said

speak the truth of these things

and the truth beyond these things

so that once again the truth may be given voice

to humans in a human form

another reminder to them

another reminder for them

of the truth and what it beholds

that as a human they can behold the truth

that as a human the truth can behold them

and let it be given to them

through this form in this way

as a book of poem in praise

that praise may love poetically this day

that love may praise poetry in this way

and you a messenger through which this message is sent

and you a reader through which this message is received

and you the servant through which this service is served

and you the one served by the grace and love of god

and what the words cannot express

and what the words will not express

let such be reflected metaphorically through the meaning of the words

for of what worth are words of praise

if they lead not to the greater depths of understanding

and the greater depth of the purpose of the soul





o god

i turn to you

to find my being

for in you are all the answers that i need to find

for in you are all the answers that will ever be

for in you are all the answers that i need to understand

to live the most of this life

and o how precious this life is

this truth of life when fulfilled

how sacred are the true moments

the real moments

the holy and sacred moments

which exist as fragments of time that capture a portion of the absolute

in a way that we can experience the absolute in a world finite

o how precious is this life

my life

that you have allowed me to know you (god)

through the form of a personality

to be able to feel your presence and realize your being

through the qualities of your all existence

that i may know you through your love

through your mercy

through your deep concern for me

that i may know you through your glory

through your joy

through your magnificent humor

that i may know you through your giving

through your patience

through your great and careful nurturing

that i may know you through your empathy

through your mystery

through your dramatic and sometimes ironic flair

that i may know you through your power

through your wisdom

through your wit and surprise and simplicity

that within my prayer, beyond my prayers

within my sight and beyond my sight

within my knowing and beyond my knowing

you have and continue to make an undeniable imprint of love

in and on my life

you have and continue to make an undeniable mark of beauty

in and on my life

and the more i realize the treasure of knowing you in these ways

and the more i realize the emptiness others live by not knowing you

i am so much more appreciative that you have granted me

a simple human servant

such abundant entry to have the opportunity to know you as i do

and not be merely your believer and servant

but a lover, a friend, one genuinely cared for

that you have allowed me the glory of having a relationship with you

i, a mere human, having a relationship with the greatness of all






one who is not capable of keeping their word

should not be trusted to keep that which is beyond words

should not be trusted to keep that which is less than words

for the quality of trust is not determined by that which is entrusted

one who can be trusted can be trusted with little and with much

and the same care of trust will be shown to the little and to the much

for the trustworthy live by a consistency reflecting that which is absolute

a consistency that will not change but always be for its term of existence

but o,

for the rest of humanity (who surely outnumber the trustworthy)

they are not worthy of the smallest speck of trust for the smallest

of things

although they freely claim that if it were a greater thing

it would have received greater care from them

and how few things are greater than trust

and the confidence to completely trust someone

and such is what is truly at stake when one is asked to be trusted

it is the ability to be able to trust that person completely

and with any of the all that is


o god, with you my trust lays unwavering

but with humanity my trust remains so much reserved

and as one who lives my life within the confines of truth

i ask and wonder where can i find another who is true

who not only speaks truth but lives truth and is truth

for i refrain myself from the company of those i cannot trust

and only through tolerance and service will i tolerate their company

but tolerance and service exercised from a distance

and why have you, o god, placed me as a spirit true

in a world full of hypocrites, liars, and those untrue

as a human i feel alone, although my spirit is never separate from you

but as a created form i feel alone within this form of creation

for where can i find another who is true

with whom i can share the full beauties of truth as it will be shared

i refuse to share my life with hypocrites, liars, and those untrue

for the poison of their lives is menacing and contagious

and how they will turn the truest of beings into spewers of lies and mistruth

wherefore i keep my distance from them lest they make my life as their lies

and i limit my interaction with them and among them

for surely their company is not worth me losing truth as it lives in me

and whether with conscious intent or not, part of their joy remains

in seeing others removed from the truth as the truth would exist in our lives

for they are hypocrites, liars, and people untrue

and in the misery of their existence they would also have

misery live in you





i seek in you, o lord

and through you, my god

the patience to persevere

and the willingness to overcome

the challenges of my creation

the obstacles of my condition of life

for your victory is promised

to the willing and the persevering

for god is able

and with you, o god

are all things possible

and made simple and easy

and fulfilled


my soul is a candle lit from your flame

and in the creation of my flame is your fire

and within your flame i am my fire

and within your flame i am your fire

and never am i truly separated from my source

and how great is this union you allow me to share with you

and how greater it will be with my continued growth

as i grow to further reflect your will and you

may i pray to remain within your love and mercy

may i pray to remain within your favor and grace

may i pray to continue to shed the fading veil of my self

to realize the reality of you which was never truly hidden by the veil

and may all barriers be removed, all resistance transcended

and all things aligned with my fuller realization of you in my life

with my fuller realization of you as my life

and my fuller realization of my life as you





what do you see


life and the end of life

for no human will be unaccountable

for the actions and inactions of their life

heaven and hell are closer than the metaphors suggest

and the continuum of experience for each life in this world

is often not realized for the conditions it becomes

and without such realization are few apt

to take their own rightful responsibility

but behold, for those who realize

for your rightful responsibility is as

a sacred bond placed within your hands

that the form of your soul as is

may share in the continuing harmony of godís creation

and the beneficence of godís will

and the glory of godís beauty

but such a bond become is one manifest through surrender

and service

and sometimes more


will you fulfill the call of the bond that lies within you

or will you yield to a passing of time

pursuing illusions which exist without






o god

i pray to you for the strength and the will

to temper the temper of these temperaments about me

and to resist their efforts to find a place within me

but to not make my resistance a struggle which must be sustained continuously

to avoid defeat

but rather to transcend the bounty of such warfare

to a victory of absolute peace

which is easy with you and by you

(o god)


o god

i pray to you for the beauty and ability

to purify the wholeness of my being

from pure soul to pure body

from pure mind to pure heart

from pure action to pure repose

from birth to death and creationís end

may purity reign in me and through me

and from me and to me

and within and without and beyond me

let purity be the breath of my being

by which all other breaths are allowed to be

that i may be in essence and human manifestation

a pure drop of the essence of the all-reality that is you

(o god)


o god

i pray to you for the wisdom and understanding

to realize that all which i seek is all-ready within

that only in realizing the all of that which is within

am i able to realize and manifest the all that is without

(beyond the within)

that the all of life and all that is

that the all of life and all that i seek

the blessings and lessons and purpose of love

the service and surrender and glory of love

the fulfillment of life and essence of being

the fulfillment of life and essence of beauty

the servant the student the teacher and master

the form of my being and source of all

reside within the within of all

reside within the within of me

and whyfor should i not start to seek within

(within this form, begin where you are)

whereby let there be no comparison between me and others

for within is the sight to see things as they are

within the wholistic context that is

for within is the sight to see life as it is

within the wholistic context that is

and the reality of reflecting what is seen in my eyes

and not reflect it as only an image, but as a living reality

for beyond the image is a reality inconceivable

but conceiving of all

(o god)


o god

i pray to you for the guidance and maturity and faith

to live the form of this life as a timeless prayer

that by not being limited by any portion of time

my life as a prayer will transcend all time

and the quality of my life transcend to a character absolute

where my life is lived only within the context of simply being

and the days and months and years pass without any true consequence

as my only true existence is that of being to serve you

(o god)

and to surrender to you

(o god)

and to be of your glory and your will

(o god)

and to be of your beauty

(o god)

and to know and be of your love

(o god)

that experience and expression of my form in this world will pass

but my being will always be by your grace and blessing

and it will always be as it has always been

although i have been forgetful in my realization of such truth


if it has not always been

that you have given me my place to always be

by the means of transcendence

and service and humility in worship become in me

that it be the sovereign of my desires and actions and approach to living

to live the form of this life as a timeless prayer

in remembrance and discovery, recognition and gratitude and action

dedicated and committed to you

(o god)





nashid fareed Ė forever

young in the struggle.




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