"To whom Nature reveals her open secrets, he will experience a deep longing for her noblest interpreter, Art."


Online Galleries

Ric Sweitzer
original artwork available

Imbued with messages emanating from heavenly worlds, Ric's art effectuates transformations towards a new and divine life.

Barbara Baldwin
prints available

Barbara's metaphysical art is pure inspiration for the heart and soul. Limited edition prints available directly from the artist!


Camilo Villanueva
prints available

Hailing from the mountains of Argentina, Camilo's mystic art flows naturally from his encounters with the spirit.


Atmara Rebecca Cloe
prints available

Weaving digital imaging with themes inspired by the universe and what she calls "the All that Is," Atmara creates art from dimensions of being infused with beauty. Check out the slideshow!


Cat McAdams updated
prints available

A mystic artist who brings spirituality into all of her beautiful paintings. 
Take a look at her journey into artistic meditative spaces of consciousness. 



Artist Biographies

Antonio Roybal

Exploring the realms of Super Consciousness, Antonio is inspired by intuitive insight:
"The process in which I work is very similar to conscious channeling. I focus on higher energy and dimensions and hope to communicate these feelings through the visual language of art."


Glenn R. Terry

Glenn's work is incredible!
He recently completed a heroic sized bronze sculpture of Saint Paul for the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Minnesota. 
Glenn also produced a CD entitled
"At Home in an Expanding Universe."


Robin Urton

Using a vast array of artistic mediums in her creative endeavors, Robin reaches into the interiors of her cosmic consciousness to reveal majestic worlds of meditative dreams.



Quick Links

John Vega

A phenomenal visionary flash artist.


Martina Hoffmann

As one of the premier visionary artists alive today, Martina Hoffmann uses a variety of media to launch our souls into another dimension.


Marcia Snedecor

A beautiful soul exploring the spiritual dimensions of existence, Marcia draws upon her personal experiences in her ethereal art.


Jimmy Bursenos

Facilitating expanded modes of awareness, Jimmy's art takes us deep into our inner core.


Peter Rosson

Exploring unity consciousness through the use of mandalas, Peter's work integrates themes from both Eastern and Western forms of spirituality with an eye for transpersonal psychology.


Shayna Bracha

Using beautiful pastels in her visionary dreamscapes, Shayna's art helps us connect with our intuitive inner Self.


Hafiz painting


Mystically exploring the glorious rays of being, Rassouli creates masterpieces for the heart and soul.


Are you a visionary artist that would like to showcase your art?

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